Nu Naat Keratin Treatment

This is a wonderful wonderful product that I found at Walgreens for $7.49(it was on clearance,originally 14.99). When I bought this I have to admit that I had no real expectations of this product. I have seen many people complain about their treatments and have spent hundreds of dollars on a professional job.
Keratin treatments are suppose to help with frizziness, add shines, and helps your hair to be manageable. The real reason a lot of people use it is too straighten their hair.
This product by far exceeded what I thought any results would be. It took me about 2-2.5 hours total but the results were so worth it. I have to admit I thought what was the point of all this but hey it was needed and well worth the results.
I have included a step by step collage for you.
The instructions are very detailed so I know you won’t have any trouble with this.
I will try this product again in a month once the hair returns to its naturally curly state. This time I am going to skip the flat iron and blow dry part because I would like to see how it would work on enhancing natural curls.
I hope you enjoy this product as much as I did!!
  1. Natural hair dry
  2. Hair shampooed
  3. Hair blow dried
  4. Gloss olution
  5. Blow dried / Flat ironed
  6. Shampooed / Conditioner
  7. Blow dried
  8. Styled front
  9. Styled back